Sometimes, you just need to drop a letter into the post.

  • Are you rushing to the airport and need to put a check in the mail?
  • Did you write to a friend while on the plane?
  • Do you have a long layover and write to a friend?
  • Did you forget to drop those vacation postcards into the mail?
  • How about those birthday or holiday cards that were left in your bag?

Never fear – this site’s dedicated to you.

If you need to put something in the mail, but can’t find where to do it – here’s the place to look for those hidden drop boxes and post offices that are near or at the airport. We’re covering over 200 airports around the world!

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What’s New

Last updated on 27 January 2023.

All submissions received to this date have been posted.

Changes since November 2021 are as follows:

  • San Diego (SAN) Terminal 1’s mailbox has been removed as they’re reconstructing the terminal for a couple of years. Please use the ones near Terminal 2; information has been updated.
  • A few smaller airports have been added.
  • Some minor airport updates, including Sacramento Terminal B.
  • I performed some software upgrades that should not have broken functionality. Contact me if there are problems!


  • Lots of airports missing in Central America and the Middle East. I’d like to get more information but it may be difficult to find without someone on the ground assisting. Send those submissions in!
  • I have a couple of blog posts I’m working on, but will take suggestions via e-mail or by post!