Sometimes, you just need to drop a letter into the post.

  • Are you rushing to the airport and put a check in the mail?
  • Did you write to a friend while on the plane?
  • Do you have a long layover and write to a friend?
  • Did you forget to drop those vacation postcards into the mail?
  • How about those birthday or holiday cards?

Never fear – this site’s dedicated to you.

If you need to put something in the mail, but can’t find where to do it – here’s the place to look for those hidden drop boxes and post offices that are near or at the airport.

What’s New

Last updated on 19 August 2018.

Thanks to those who have submitted mailbox information! Unfortunately I needed to take some time away from the computer, including a month-long trip.

All e-mailed submissions have been processed and updated as of the last update date. I have a few postcards to review, but they will be an additional couple of weeks as they are sitting at home.

Major updates (may not be fully reflected in individual pages yet):

  • Charlotte (CLT) has lost their drop box.
  • The drop boxes at Chicago Midway (MDW) have been located more accurately based on a couple of submissions.
  • Houston Hobby and Bush (HOU/IAH respectively) are updated.
  • DC airports (DCA and IAD) and Oakland (OAK) have pages!
  • On a newly added page, I may or may not have issued a postcard challenge….


  • Research Moscow airports; see if I can find any information around Vienna.
  • Next up: Central/South America/Caribbean, then Middle East/Indian Subcontinent
  • I have a couple of blog posts I’m working on, but will take suggestions via e-mail or by post!