Here are a few links to get you started with writing letters and postcards, or connect with other writers.

Correspondence and Writing

Postcrossing – the #1 site for exchanging postcards worldwide.

A World of Snail Mail – a forum site dedicated to topics on letter writing, postcards, and other correspondence.

Write_On Campaign – A campaign “to promote joy, creativity, expression, and connection through hand-written correspondence”. There is a 30-day, 30-letter challenge in April. This is also a good starting resource for those who want to dress up their letters into “mail art”.

InCoWriMo – International Correspondence Writing Month: every February. Write 28 letters in 28 days (or 29 if it’s a leap year!). Definitely watch the video on “how to write a letter” if you’re just getting started (or looking for a bit of a laugh).

A Month of Letters Challenge – Similar to InCoWriMo, but requests something to be placed in the post every day the mail is delivered in February. Has a points system if you’re into keeping track and enjoy a little friendly competition.

More Love Letters – A great site that shows the remarkable power of the handwritten letter. Participants can write to those who request letters. Also – the book by the founder, Hannah Brencher, is a good read!

The Missive Maven – A good site dedicated to general letter writing and correspondence.

365 Letters – a general letter writing and correspondence blog. The blog started to record a challenge to write a letter every day in 2009.

Send More Mail – another general correspondence blog.

Postally Yours – home of the “Orphaned Postcard Project”, a postcard exchange for those who want and will use location-specific postcards.

Musings of a Letter Writer and Postcrosser – one of my pen pals; a good general correspondence blog out of the UK.


Yes, a lot of stationery can be found on Amazon or your local big box retailer – and that’s a good and inexpensive way to start. If you want to push the envelope with your correspondence, here are a couple more places that I frequent.

Note: These are not affiliate links. I may add affiliate links later just to help with the costs of running the site (and I will let you know if we do).

Goulet Pens – A fantastic company based near Richmond, Virginia that is dedicated to fountain pens and fountain pen enthusiasts. They also have some great stationery for correspondence.

JetPens – Great pen and stationery shop focused on Japanese pens.

MaiDo – A Japanese pen shop and stationer with a couple of locations in San Francisco.

Nanami Paper – an independent retailer that focuses on Japanese stationery. Based out of Orange County, CA.

Paper For Fountain Pens – I buy some of my correspondence paper here. Their pads of Tomoe River paper are fantastic, and are good for No. 6-3/4 envelopes