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Terms and Conditions

This site is for informational purposes only, provided as a service and a starting point for those who need to use postal services at airports.

Please use common sense and your best judgement when using postal facilities at airports.

When in doubt, ask a member of airport staff – or wait until your destination to use a post office or other official postal service.

Data Ownership

I do not own most of the data on this site. Data is sourced from airport operators and content contributors. All content contributors own their own data. Any information from “Official Information” is available publicly from Web sites and is usually public domain; these will always have sources identified for attribution.

The blog is my own work and is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Please contact me first for any potential copyright disputes and I will work to resolve them with you.


The owners of the site are not responsible for any information that is out of date. Availability and locations of postal services can change without notice; information may not even be reflected accurately via official channels such as airport Web sites.

Some information may be crowdsourced or received through submission forms, email, or other communications. When possible we will identify this information as such; however, we are not liable for the information we receive to be wholly accurate as we may not have visited that airport recently.

The owners of the site are not responsible if a piece of mail fails to deliver based on information from this site. You are responsible for ensuring that you have sufficient postage from the sending country affixed to your mail, and that you conform any postal regulations in the country to which you are mailing items from.

Some airports use volunteers or airport staff to carry mail from drop boxes located in secure zones to official postal facilities and services. The owners of this site are not responsible if something happens to mail posted at an airport that is not within the purview of an official postal service.

Further, the owners of the site are not responsible for your actions in the attempt to use postal services at airports, including but not limited to:

  • missing your flight;
  • raising the ire of security services and/or law enforcement – either by attempting to locate postal facilities, or using mail facilities to commit a crime;
  • failing to clear security checks, either at your departure location or in the process of using a pre-security postal service such as a drop box; or
  • running into issues at customs and/or immigration at your departure airport, or should you choose to exit a secure zone to use a postal security located in a pre-security area of the airport.