Hi Folks!

This year has been hectic for me. I was on separate long (for Americans) vacations to the Midwestern United States via Amtrak, and a five-country tour in August and September to see the Rhine River, the Saar-Lor-Lux region, and a little bit of French-speaking Switzerland. I’ve had to burn off a lot of accrued vacation time due to work ramping up in 2024; I would have lost a lot of accrued vacation had I not done so.

I also have had a couple of routine medical items that I had to take care of, which ate into my time updating the site.

After I updated the site to use generated static HTML, the whole generation schema changed - so I had to relearn what to do before I could submit updates. Given how busy I was this summer, I didn’t have a good opportunity to do so until now.

I am going on another vacation soon, so I wanted to get out this set of updates prior to the holiday season. I encourage everyone to be patient at airports if you’re traveling over the holidays, especially over Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States. I would also recommend packing holiday cards and some stamps with you, in case you’re at an airport for a while and need something to do. If you’re going to be stuck at an airport for a while, you might be able to write and send them from there….

– Mike


  • Added Tallinn, Sofia, St. Thomas, Edmonton, Bermuda, and Lynchburg VA.
  • Rewrote a number of airports: Toronto Pearson, Pittsburg, Washington Reagan, Las Vegas, and a little bit of Edinburgh.\
  • Added a section on JFK as a couple of people have noticed a new, post-security drop box.
  • Minor cleanup and additions to files.