Sometimes, you just need to drop a letter into the post.

  • Are you rushing to the airport and put a check in the mail?
  • Did you write to a friend while on the plane?
  • Do you have a long layover and write to a friend?
  • Did you forget to drop those postcards into the mail?
  • How about those birthday or holiday cards?

Never fear – this site’s dedicated to you.

If you need to put something in the mail, but can’t find where to do it – here’s the place to look for those hidden drop boxes and post offices that are near or at the airport.

What’s New

Last updated on 19 July 2017

  • Europe is largely done with the exception of Moscow (haven’t researched) and Vienna (couldn’t find anything). Please use the contact form if you find anything I missed, need to add, or change.
  • Asia and what I could cover in Africa are complete as well.
  • Next up: Central/South America/Caribbean, then Middle East/Indian Subcontinent
  • I have a couple of blog posts I’m working on, but will take suggestions via e-mail or by post!