Zurich (ZRH)

Zurich has a great set of postal services; they’re just not easy to find on the maps.

Official Information

Drop Boxes

I noted several drop boxes on the interactive map; they’re just difficult to look for. The PDF maps might be better if you can download them.

  • Pre-security – Check-in 1, level 1: next to the group check-in and the elevator bank
  • Pre-security – Check-in 2, level 2: on the way towards the security checkpoint for A/B/D/E and across from the K Kiosk. If you get to the passport/boarding pass check to get into security, you went to far.
  • Post-security, A-Gates, level 1: Check near the Bucherer and the Mont Blanc store, next to an AED and a smoking room.
  • Post-security, B/D-Gates, level 1: next to the large transfer desk B and an AED (close to some escalators/elevators to level 2).
  • Post-security, B/D-Gates, level 0: close to a bank machine and a Caviar House & Prunier.
  • Post-security, E-Gates, level 2: Across from Hudson News and near the escalator.

Post Office

There’s a full-service post office in the “Airport Centre” next to Foodland. Check the site information for operating hours; looks like it’s open 365 days a year!

Terminal Maps (PDFs may be easier to use)

Last updated 16 July 2017