Springfield-Branson National (SGF)

Official Information

The Customer Services page notes that there’s a mail drop near the administrative offices. Unfortunately the map on the page doesn’t show where this is.

The Airport Terminal map shows that the administrative offices are beside the security checkpoint, which isn’t exactly helpful because it’s not clear if the drop is before or after security.

User-Submitted Information

Robert writes in with a key piece of information:

Pre-security silver mailbox between airport police office and meeting room

Now it’s much clearer if you look at the airport terminal map. The drop is likely in that little nook to the right of the “airport police” and the entrance to the security screening. I’ve been in this airport and it’s not very large; however, if you can’t find it ask where the Lost and Found or the Airport Police are and look around there (show your mail; that tends to help).

Last updated 18 August 2018