Monterey Regional Airport (MRY)

Official Information

Nothing on their Web site.

User-Submitted Information

Both Robert and I were able to locate this one!

It’s outside in a little nook between the main terminal doors and the baggage claim doors. From the main terminal doors, walk towards the baggage claim and the FedEx/UPS collection boxes.

The building will have a nook to your right; look once you can and you’ll find a silver 16-unit CBU, package lockers, and a blue USPS collection box. Deposit your letters and postcards in the blue collection box.

If you pass the rideshare pickup point, you’ve gone too far.

Google Maps is accurate.

Collection times are Monday-Friday at noon; I can’t remember what the Saturday time was but it may be earlier than noon.

Note: I saw the largest croissant sandwich I’ve seen in a good while on sale at the post-security Woody’s restaurant – someone picked one up for $7, which is a steal.

Last updated 22 November 2021