Midway International Airport (MDW)

Thanks to those who have submitted information regarding Midway!

Official Information

The FAQ is… not helpful:

​There is no post office at Midway but there are mail collection boxes located in the terminal.

The maps don’t point out where they are either.

User-Submitted Information

It appears that there are two post drops post-security at Midway.

From Victoria:

It’s post-security, to the left of the Hudson News shop (headed towards Terminal A).

From Mike C:

There is a mailbox in the C concourse next to the entrance to the chapel.

From the airport map it looks like you have two choices once you pass through security:

  1. Hook a hard left and walk towards Terminal A. Stop and look around Hudson News. If you reach Gate A1 you went too far.
  2. Hook a right and walk towards Terminal C – start looking for signs indicating the chapel.

Last updated 18 August 2018