Miami International Airport (MIA)

Official Information

From their Services and Amenities Web page:

U.S. Mail Drop Boxes are located throughout the Second Level of the terminal pre-security.

Unfortunately, there’s not any other information. The maps are non-existent (in fact, their shopping URL expired!). There are three separate terminals. If you have time, you’ll need to wander around the airport pre-security on the second level and find them.


User-Submitted Information

Robert submitted a paper map and a wealth of information:

All mailboxes are on the second level:

  • Next to Door 2
  • In between Doors 5 and 6
  • Between Doors 9 and 10
  • Between Doors 14 and 15
  • Between Doors 16 and 17
  • Between Doors 23 and 24

This information may be dated as it was from a couple of years ago.

Last updated 22 November 2021