Logan International Airport

If you like going on an adventure, or enjoy geocaching – Boston Logan might be your airport if you’re looking for a mailbox.

Official Information

I couldn’t find any written information about drop boxes – nothing in a FAQ or Web page that contained text.

However, the interactive map has some locations where boxes may exist. Note that all of these are pre-security!

  • Terminal A, level 1 Arrivals: Between the information kiosk and the car rental phones, close to a Chase ATM. You’ll probably see the general location if you use the main escalators to the baggage claims.
  • Terminal A, level 2 Departures: Next to Travelex, across from security.
  • Terminal B, level 1 Arrivals has two locations:
    • There’s one next to the Parking Pay Station close to door B103, between Baggage Claim 1 and 2.
    • Near the escalators by Baggage Claim 8 – it’s very close to the Parking Pay Station close by. Door B114 should be close as well.
  • Terminal B, Level 2 Departures has several locations:
    • Near the Air Canada/American Airlines terminals – locate the Starbucks and Hudson kiosks; it should be to the right as you’re facing the Hudson kiosk, across the hall from some telephones.
    • Inside next to door B204, right across from the security checkpoint. (This one may be the easiest to find if you’re departing from Gates B1-20.)
    • There’s one once you exit security near Gate B15.
    • If you’re traveling from gates B21-36, there’s a drop box right across from where you enter the security checkpoint close to door B209.
    • Travelers using gates B37/38 can find one close to door B215 across from the security checkpoint, and next to an AED defibrillator.
    • Note well: there is a FedEx drop box outside door B215. Do not use this for postal services!
  • Terminal C, level 1 Arrivals: Inside, to the left of the Mass. State Lottery kiosk and close-isa to door C105.
  • Terminal C, level 2 Departures: Outside, near door C203.
  • Terminal E, level 3 Departures: as you enter the main hall to clear security, immediately look right once you pass the airport check-in counters. It should be located before the men’s restroom.

User-Submitted Information

Robert updated via a couple of postcards:

  • There are no mailboxes on upper floors.
  • Terminal A downstairs near door A103
  • Terminal B downstairs near door B 103
  • Terminal B downstairs near Door B 114
  • Terminal B downstairs across from baggage claim 5
  • Terminal C no mailbox
  • Terminal D no mailbox
  • Terminal E downstairs near information desk

Last updated 23 November 2021