John Glenn Columbus International (CMH)

Official Information

CMH has a nice web site but it can be a little disorienting to find the information. They list it in the “Restaurants and Shops” page, but you have to select “Pre-Security” and then scroll down. The map is interactive and nicely done, but it’s zoomed out way too much to start.

There is a “mail and package drop off” that has USPS, UPS and FedEx. It’s in the concourse pre-security, next to the Information Center and the Currency Exchange. You’re looking for a standard USPS drop box.

Note: the web page notes that you can drop off items at the same location that TSA won’t allow with a slip and credit card information. This doesn’t count as postage! If your letter or postcard has postage, just drop it into the drop box.

Map link

User-Submitted Information

Robert wrote in and brought this drop box to my attention. He also added, “Next to Max and Erma restaurant. Blue mailbox. Pick up Monday thru Saturday 6pm.”

Last updated 18 August 2018