Fresno Yosemite International (FAT)

Official Information

Nothing I can see from their Web site after a cursory glance. (I didn’t check the virtual tour.)

User-Submitted Information

Robert mentioned:

There is a silver incoming mail box and outgoing mail slot on the box on main terminal road to the right of federal customs building.

Based on the Terminal Map, the Federal Customs building is to your right as you are standing outside looking at the terminal.

Google Maps shows where the mailboxes are located: there are two grey CBUs across the driveway from the Federal Customs building. Don’t cross the main road in front of the terminal. It’s probably a two-minute walk each way from the entrance to the terminal.

If you’re in the terminal reading this – exit the building, turn left, and start walking. You’ll eventually run into them.

Last updated 23 November 2021