Flughafen Vienna (VIE)

Official Information

None that I could find (and I looked hard, twice).

I e-mailed the airport with a request and someone replied within 30 minutes (on Christmas Day, no less!). Here’s what they wrote:

We have a post box in our arrival area next to the McDonalds and in our departure area in Terminal 1 in the shopping arcade near the pharmacy and furthermore next to the boarding card control Terminal 2.

In the transit zone are post boxes at the F & G gates and on the way to the C gates.

Regarding the post office we have only that one in Office Park 3.

Thanks to Richard Bartos (airport employee) for this information!

User-Submitted Information

Mark Lee updated me with an email on a location:

VIE Vienna Airport has an Austria Post yellow mailbox close to gate G01 on opposite side of concourse airside, tucked away in a lift lobby. Collections only 0930 Monday to Friday. Box large enough for medium sized letter packets.

Fantastic information! This would be a post-security mail drop, but only in Terminal 3 G-gates. I bet there are more….

Mark also mentioned there is a post office and 24-hour postal machine within a five-minute walk of the terminals. The airport map shows it but it’s not very user-friendly. It’s in “Office Park 3”; you’ll want to use Parking Garage 4 and the NH Hotel as landmarks. When I opened the airport map there is a yellow square with a letter stencil on top of it. Click the stencil for more information.

Last updated 24 December 2018