Flughafen Vienna (VIE)

Official Information

None that I could find (and I looked hard, twice).

I e-mailed the airport with a request and someone replied within 30 minutes (on Christmas Day, no less!). Here’s what they wrote:

We have a post box in our arrival area next to the McDonalds and in our departure area in Terminal 1 in the shopping arcade near the pharmacy and furthermore next to the boarding card control Terminal 2.

In the transit zone are post boxes at the F & G gates and on the way to the C gates.

Regarding the post office we have only that one in Office Park 3.

Thanks to Richard Bartos (airport employee) for this information!

User-Submitted Information

Mark Lee updated me with an email on a location:

VIE Vienna Airport has an Austria Post yellow mailbox close to gate G01 on opposite side of concourse airside, tucked away in a lift lobby. Collections only 0930 Monday to Friday. Box large enough for medium sized letter packets.

Fantastic information! This would be a post-security mail drop, but only in Terminal 3 G-gates. I bet there are more….

Mark also mentioned there is a post office and 24-hour postal machine within a five-minute walk of the terminals. The airport map shows it but it’s not very user-friendly. It’s in “Office Park 3”; you’ll want to use Parking Garage 4 and the NH Hotel as landmarks. When I opened the airport map there is a yellow square with a letter stencil on top of it. Click the stencil for more information.

Marcin wrote in and mentioned there is a mailbox in the main hall at the airport information stand (on the right side of the stand). So that might be an easy one to find!

Last updated 22 November 2021