Bradley International Airport (BDL)

Official Information

I don’t see anything on terminal maps or a search of amenities on their website.

User-Submitted Information

Jeff submitted a brief entry:

Upper curb outside cask and Barrel

The terminal map puts that pre-security around Door 4 of the Departures level.

Sure enough, there are two standard USPS boxes outside of Door 4 of Terminal A according to Google Maps; they’ll be around the “OneJet/American” overhead sign. I didn’t see anything at the International Arrivals Building.

One other tip: you can walk over to the Sheraton and ask for them to mail a letter or postcard for you if you’re short on time and over on that side of the airport (or are checking in/out of the hotel). However, BDL doesn’t seem like a large airport to worry about this. The Sheraton may not carry stamps for purchase.

Last updated 18 August 2018