Auckland Airport (AKL)

Official Information

The terminal services page doesn’t have a lot of information, but here’s what it has:

Drop boxes

Post boxes are located throughout the terminal

This isn’t really helpful. The maps are a little more helpful, but note that they’re downloadable PDFs. These are all pre-security.

  • Domestic Terminal: Ground floor, next to the Air New Zealand baggage claim area.
  • International Terminal: Ground floor, next to SmarteCarte Baggage Storage and Wrapping. (It’s pretty close to the Relay shop, below.)
  • International Terminal: First floor, next to or in the Relay shop and next to the stairs to the ground floor.

Buying Postage

Postage stamps are sold at:


Ground floor, first floor and after immigration

Okay, so this isn’t much help either – but the airport maps show where the Relay stores are.

  • Domestic Terminal: Ground floor, pre-security, across from the entrance to Gates 20-33.
  • International Terminal: Ground floor, pre-security, next to Thrifty.
  • International Terminal: First floor, pre-security, hard left into the hallway prior to security.
  • International Terminal: First floor, post security, across from the Flight Bar.


Airport Maps

Updated 10 June 2017