Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

Sea-Tac was a great place to drop off a letter – no matter if you wrote it at home, on a plane, or at the airport. I think the pandemic realigned operations, so it’s not quite the place it used to be.

Official Information

On the Baggage Claim Level: On the Lower Drive sidewalk outside of Baggage Claim carouselĀ #12. On the maps, it’s by Door 16 and Skybridge 4.

Multiple people have written in to confirm the bad news. Hopefully this is a temporary result of the pandemic.

No more post-security boxes!

I’ll miss these:

Stamp Purchasing!

Stamps may be purchased at all airport ATMs. (Note: The ATMs are likely offer a book of first-class Forever stamps, good for a one-ounce letter mailed within the USA. There may be a surcharge when purchasing stamps through an ATM.)

Last Updated 22 November 2021